#foodiefriday… what a great social media topic to talk about as l found me alone for lunch today. Did I cry about it? Absolutely, not! I embraced it and went shopping and had lunch which included dessert with my badass meal at Red Hot and Blue.#

The other day I was browsing through At Home and found these fantastic fashion snow women ornaments. This Christmas season I have been all about snowmen and snow… I’m from Florida what can I say I grew up dreaming of a white Christmas that never came so now in my adult life I find myself drawn to all things snow related. New Christmas Tree decorations in hand I headed out for lunch.

My original destination was McCallister’s Deli but parking I noticed Red Hot and Blue. OMG, could it be? The one restaurant from Raleigh, North Carolina that saved us from BBQ desperation. Sorry North Carolinians but your BBQ restaurant choices back in the late 1990s sucked! This Memphis based BBQ chain was a saving grace. How could I not go in? I was quickly greeted and sat right away. They loaded my pork sandwich with coleslaw and BBQ sauce. Messy and perfect all at the same time! In the end, I was stuffed, but it’s rare I find myself alone for a meal, so I decided I would have dessert, and nothing is better than banana pudding with BBQ. I was almost unconscious when I left, and I loved every minute of it.

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