Nail Trends to Moxie’s – A Friend to the Rescue

An afternoon with a friend is always refreshing. What is a friend? Google says a friend is someone you share a nonsexual bond or mutual affection. I am fortunate enough to have a friendship like this with Kent Jackson aka “Leggs.” He’s like my partner in crime, and we seek out adventures together. He also gives me reality checks when I need them. It’s refreshing because I haven’t met many people who will be upfront and honest with me even if it could hurt my feelings; that to me is a sign of true friendship. On this particular morning, it was no different considering I had a big interview, and they were supposed to let me know their decision at some point in the afternoon. Stressful morning, and boy was I going to sit around freaking out all afternoon waiting but no problem because Leggs had my back. Interview completed we were off for pedicures and wine, and then to visit a restaurant I saw on my way to the interview that we had never tried, Moxie’s.

Red Jeep parked outside my door and a loud knock alerts me it’s time to go have some fun. Leggs standing there dressed in shorts even though it’s ridiculously cold outside. We head to our first stop, Nail Trends. I haven’t been there in a while, but it’s one of my favorites. Michelle and Diem, the owners, are the bomb. I have never walked in their shop and not been greeted by name and with a hug. You can check them out at in case you are ever in Allen, TX; it’s a must go to place. Today was no different, and Michelle had a special treat for me, Umbra Wine, which is a local winery in Grapevine. There’s nothing better than supporting local businesses with breweries and wineries being at the top of that list. After a relaxing 2 hours of being pampered, nails looking on fleck we were ready for lunch. More hugs from Michelle we head out.

Moxie’s was a quick 15-minute drive for lunch and a beer. It’s in an area that is building like crazy, and it’s not too far from the Stonebriar Mall. Excited to try something new we are introduced to our server Caroline. Caroline explained they had been open a month and eagerly recommended some draft beers. We enjoyed her service, she was witty and attentive. As Caroline pointed out they had great beer choices, today we were drinking Rahr’s and Son’s Texas Red which Leggs was excited about, apparently its one of his favorites. Again, Rahr is a local brewery, so that’s a score. The Texas Red we chose is an American Amber that’s a medium bodied beer. It went down smooth and was refreshing plus it paired well with the burger and salad we had. We sat there for a while chatting and watching Sports Center, Moxie’s had a relaxed atmosphere, and we never felt rushed by the staff. It gets a thumbs up from me for sure, and I know we will be back to visit there soon.

Even though I didn’t get the call until the next morning about the job I had a fantastic day with a truly great friend!

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