Life, an adventure that you never know where you will land. The moments that compose life are such a cacophony of events and emotions that it makes a unique rhythm. It has ebbs and flows, a current that can whisk you away. It can blow breath into you when you are in need, and it can take without warning. The unknown, the uncertainty is what makes it all the sweeter.

I have the writers itch. This blog is the start of scratching it. It’s a work in progress and something new I feel I need to do for me to take the next step. November 2018 will be remembered by me as a start me of a new path. The avenue of change, this is good, and I embrace the metamorphosis, but it’s not without its hardships and sacrifices. The path you choose can make a difference not just for you but for other people. My favorite poet Robert Frost penned, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Frost was referring to going with the mainstream or going it on your own. It takes a strong woman to go it on her own and not follow the mainstream. I like to think I take the road less traveled, that I don’t conform but make my own path. So, this blog starts the outline of my new journey.  One I am hoping to be comprised of creative writing, freelance opportunities, and self-discovery. An adventure that I dedicate to all the women I’ve met, that look up to me but more so for the women who have inspired me. My hope is you follow my journey, my yellow brick road of creativity.